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Posted by NewBi on April 18, 1999 at 14:40:32:

Hi. I am a newbi and I am looking into buy a good midi keyboard for song compositions. I have looked into many differnt keyboard and I narrowed my choices to Yamaha DJX and Alesis Qs6.1. Djx cost a lot less than Alesis qs6.1 but I know qs6.1 is more pro-like instrument.
What I am concering is that I am a beginner and I have never experienced with midi stuff so I am being careful with choosing my first keyboard since these instrument cost not too cheap and I don't really want to waste money.
Well it seems like DJX cost less than $300 and Qs6.1 cost less than $750 in most place. If I buy DJX then I can get another sampling sound card such as SoundBlaster Live or I can even get cheap module such as Nanosynth.
So my question is should I buy DJX + some extra stuff such as SB live + module or Should I just buy Qs6.1 alone? I really do not have experience with any instrument so I do not know anything and that's why I am asking.
All I want to do is to try compose my own songs using computer and keyboard and I really want to buy a keyboard that I can use it for long time.

Thanks a lot.

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