QS Drum Mode

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Posted by John on April 20, 1999 at 08:04:04:

Hi all -
Well I'm coming along nicely in understanding the "personality" of this instrument (QS7).. Rich's
essay "Instant Gratification for New Programmers" was a great help (highly recommended!).
Now it's time to put together a custom drum kit I've been musing about.. I'm a little bollixed, though,
by the Drum Mode & how it is set up. I think I get the part about being able to mix n' match Drum &
Keyboard Modes in a Program, but I'm not sure just where to start with it. F'rinstance, I open up
"Rock Kit" in the ed/lib and see that Sounds 1-3 are in Drum Mode, but Sound 4 is in Keyboard Mode
w/ a whole kit assigned. Not sure where the Drum Sounds 1-10 are in this arrangement.. been
pushing buttons & sliders like mad to see what happens (sometimes a useful technique..), but it
seems rather complicated, and I'm getting lost.. Anyone been down this road?

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