Re: QS8 or QS8.1?

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Posted by sam on April 28, 1999 at 21:27:11:

In Reply to: QS8 or QS8.1? posted by Brent M. on April 27, 1999 at 09:51:54:

I've had a QS8 for a few years now. Some would disagree with me but I've always thought the display is pretty good; it has always told me everything I've wanted to know and I can get around very quickly. I play my 8 a lot and never really thought twice about the display so at least for my purposes the 8.1 is a pretty minor improvement. I'd be pretty happy with an 8.1 but if I were buying today I think I'd grab the great deals that I've been seeing lately on the QS8.

I think the only other differences are the transpose and sequence buttons which could be handy if you played out but I'd never use them, and supposedly the GM programs have been improved which could be nice though again I might not use much and Alesis will put that bank on their web site. You won't go wrong either way...

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