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Posted by John on May 09, 1999 at 03:51:27:

In Reply to: To the MIDI masters: Questions from a MIDI rookie posted by Brent Matney on May 06, 1999 at 10:48:15:

: To the MIDI masters:

: I just received my QS8 in the mail yesterday. I have some questions about MIDI and how it relates to my personal home studio. I have been sampling the sounds more than reading the manual.....the typical actions of a new QS8 user. The manual states order to layer the sounds of the QS8...the user must connect the MIDI inputs and outputs on the QS8 to a MIDI sequencer. Is the sequencer a physical object or in the digital domain? Is the sequencer a sound card in a computer or is it a special interface? the sequencer a part of the Sound Bridge software? I also own a Tascam 564 mini-disc four track portastudio with MIDI input and output.....exactly like the QS8's. The
: Tascam generates time code for MIDI. Would this make the Tascam a MIDI sequencer? Can the QS8 layer and mix sounds without the use of a computer? In other words, can I layer drums, pianos, etc.....and record them to a track on the 4-track without the intervention of a computer or the Sound Bridge software? The manual states that the QS8 has "live" capabilities which would allow the user to layer sounds and play them without using a computer. I have a PC, but I was wondering if I could do this without the computer?

: Brent
(best midi analogy I've heard for folks new to the thing)
Think of your midi setup as a kind of hi-tech
"player piano".. your synth is the sound generator..
strings, soundboard, hammers etc. ..your PC sequencer
(Cubase, Cakewalk etc.) is the mechanism that turns
the paper roll.. and the paper roll itself is the
software (which you save on disk), the slots being
the info that tells which keys to play, and also
how hard they're hit and how long they're held.
There's no "sound" per se on the roll.. just data.
(of course, with midi it can be much more elaborate
than that.. but that's basically it).

It's as if a player piano can now control an entire
orchestra, if need be.

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