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Posted by Markus Nentwig on May 11, 1999 at 05:07:06:

In Reply to: please help newbie on qs8.1 posted by istyle on May 10, 1999 at 04:48:24:

If your old Roland worked, then your QS 8 should work fine, too.
Some things to check:
Your QS has 2 midi ports: one SERIAL (little round jack with 8 pins, I think) and the normal MIDI IN/OUT connectors with 5 pins each.
Maybe it is set to SERIAL. To check this:
- Press EDIT, then GLOBAL (written over some key)
- go with the right-arrow to the corresponding edit-page (maybe look at manual, too)
There is a setting that must say 'MIDI'. If it says 'PC 32.xx' or 'PC' then change it to MIDI.
- Set your QS to MIX mode, change to the GENERAL MIDI bank and mix number 0. With this you have the best chance to get it working.
- When connecting the cable from your PC to the QS, you have to plug the "IN"-plug to the "OUT"-Jack and the "OUT"-Plug to the "IN"-Jack.
But you knew this anyway, didn't you?

Good luck!


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