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Posted by jugnoo on May 19, 1999 at 13:44:25:

In Reply to: Re: Sys X update info posted by Randy on May 05, 1999 at 11:13:03:

Sysex has to do with sequencing...

you can put sysex command in your sequence to change anything on QS.
for example if you wanted to automate those 4 sliders movements... you could do that...
and also change the effects sends or effects paramenters with your sequence...
sysex is not only for software upgrades or program storage..
: I don't think system exclusive function has anything to do with sequencing. I think it is a separate function. If you want to change a sound for your sequencing you would have to use your user bank. Sure enough you can save those new sounds on your computer through system excusive download but this is only a method of back up. If anyone knows of additional Sys-ex functions with a sequencer - please respond and expose my ignorance.

: P.S. Excellent "truth" section on greg's music theory page!

: : So if I was to select "record system exclusive"
: : on my Cubasis sequencer, and then change, say the
: : reverb patch on the piano sound, the eq on the
: : strings, etc, Cubasis will save this information
: : along with the sequence (in the .all or .arr file)
: : so that I don't have to save these sounds on my
: : QS?

: : With Cubasis, would Cubasis have to be recording
: : for the changes to work?

: : Can I automate volume levels for each instrument
: : in a mix via sys ex?

: : I'm planning on upgrading my sequencer to either
: : Opcode Vision or Cakewalk Pro Audio 8.

: : Greg

: : : : Thank you thank you for clarification.

: : : : So when the new QS8 comes out, if it's software
: : : : is upgraded, I'll be able to download the upgrade?

: : : : So why did Alesis make a sys ex list (available on
: : : : their site) and what would such a list be used for?

: : : I spoke too general, Alesis qs allows you to save, transfer or download program information (the parameters that compose a sound patch) through system exclusive messages. SO lets say I want to save my current user bank to my computer...I can send that info to my sequencer to back up my user bank. I can also save, send, or download individual programs. SO you can also get or send new sounds (programs) for you synth over the net or from Alesis, etc...

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