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Posted by Rod Bowers on May 22, 1999 at 19:31:33:

In Reply to: Re: Effects in Mix mode - revisited posted by John on May 14, 1999 at 19:42:28:

These are some questions I would like answered my self as far as I can tell
almost every sequencing program makes use of a global reverb & chorus send
and I think that an effects program could be set up for this with the QS..

I have the QS+ and I think if you made an effect program with along with a mix program
and set the control so that they are directed control knob or slider that is assigned to controller
91 (verb) 93 (chorus) and make them slider control the right effect for the right control device
then the sequencing program (any) would also . If any one know if there is already such a mix
(or knows in detail how to make one ) please respond.


Hi All!

: : I've been going through older posts that deal with effects in Mix mode, but I'm confused. There are two different "things" I am tryng to do and cannot quite figure out what changes are required to accomplish this.

: : First - I have created some nice layered mixes but want to tweek the effects. I know only effects from one program can be active - but how do I know which one? Once I know which one, what do I have to do modify these effectst?

: : Second (and it's probably related) how do I get Cakewalk to control these effects (chorus & reverb)? I know I need to change something in Mix User 00, but can't quite figure out what.

: : I've been trying to decipher the Alesis manual (I've got a 6.1) but it is not real clear. Does anyone know if there is a good FAQ or third-party documentation on this topic? Is it easier to manage using the copy of Unisyn that comes on the PC (or perhaps another commercial product like Qcontrol)?

: : Thanks in advance for any help!

: : Dave Cline

: You go into Mix Edit mode and hit the 80 button (Effect) and Page 2 will let you pick which Channel's FX configuration to use (you can see this from any Mix Channel you happen to be editing). As you seem to have already discovered (and as far as I can tell myself so far), you have to
: "tailor" all the Programs in the Mix to share just one Channel's FX configuration. This is the great "QS FX Rub" which I'm sure a lot of folks have run into.. to wit, unless your Mix Programs have very similar needs as far as FX are concerned, you have a bit of head-scratching to do.
: In my own case, it's gotten me into exploring how to program FX.. and maybe I'm better for it (but jeez I wouldn't wish this on a newbie!!). Yes, get one of the ed/lib apps available (I prefer QControl, but they're probably all good). Examine the FX config schematics in the manual to
: see if you can discern which one is the best for your particular Mix needs. Incidentally, a lot of the Program presets seem to be using config #4 (Reverb & EQ). Is there some reason for this? Looking hard for a good 3rd party FX programming manual..
: (as far as controlling FX from Cake, I havn't gotten that far yet).

: "don't follow me.. I'm lost, too"

: rgds, jg
: (the guy who wrote a reggae tune with a cello solo)


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