Re: Need help with (hopefully) simple drum editing on a QS6.1!!!!

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Posted by John on May 30, 1999 at 12:54:06:

In Reply to: Need help with (hopefully) simple drum editing on a QS6.1!!!! posted by Foley on May 25, 1999 at 19:27:13:

: I am a relative newcomer to the world of synthesizers and desperately need help with some drum
: editing on my QS6.1. I really like most of the Pop Up Kit program, but would like to make some
: minor changes, like changing the bass drum, addiding a bass drum, adding some crash cymbals,
: and possibly changing one of the snare sounds. The manual assumes way too much from a
: novice's point of view. I can get into the editing part, but how do I get to what key I want to change?
: For instance, if I choose the kick group (or cymbal etc.) on edit page three, where do I go from there
: to change the bass drum on the loweset key, or add one on the white key directly above it? I have
: tried things on edit page four and with the Drum 1 -Drum 10 buttons and Sound 1 - Sound 4 buttons,
: but I really don't know what I'm doing, and I usually just foul things up. Thank you very much if you
: are able to help a very frustrated musician!!!!!

Are you using your QS with a computer/midi setup? I wanted to do pretty much the same thing with the Standard
Kit, and managed to make it happen using editor/librarian software. Gives a kind of "bird's eye view" of
the editing functions, rather than trying to wend one's way through all the various layers in the QS display
(and it also greatly helps in understanding the inner workings of a synth such as the QS for serious editing).
If you just want to use it as a stand-alone instrument, you're sort of stuck with having to deal with the display..
and yes, a typically murky manual it is, too.. (especially the Drum Mode section,imho). But the info is mostly in
there, though.. just requires a LOT of studying.
(I'm hoping for a better written 3rd party manual or two.. wondering if anyone's selling/working on one for this
popular synth line).
rgds, jg

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