Re: Synth + Guitar pedal effects???

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Posted by shawn on June 04, 1999 at 15:32:54:

In Reply to: Synth + Guitar pedal effects??? posted by Phil on June 04, 1999 at 14:45:11:

: I was just wondering if anybody has been doing any
: work (or experimenting) with their Alesis synth and
: guitar pedal effects. I've heard that some you can
: get some interesting sound by running your output
: into these foot boxes, like a wah, overdrive, fuzz,
: phaser, flanger, etc. How does the old "stomp box"
: hardware compare to today's software fx? Thanks in
: advance for any help you could send on the subject.

In general stomp boxes are not the quietest effects in the world.However a good alternative is getting something like a Zoom 1201 multi fx rack and running through it.It has real time knobs and is cheap!Sounds great too.If you go the foot pedal route I would get one of the better brands as they are probably a bit quieter.I did try running a synth through the foot pedal version of the Sans Amp and I got a bunch of Radio crosstalk crap.So I would try out what you buy first.

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