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Posted by Joe on June 12, 1999 at 12:50:22:

In Reply to: Aux volume control posted by Greg Jones on June 10, 1999 at 07:46:57:

: In the course of sequencing my QS8, I have found it necessary to
: create duplicate tracks so that the copies can be routed to
: auxillary outputs along with a click track for my drummer to have a
: separate headphone mix for performance situations
: (I wish that there was a way to route a track to both
: main and aux outputs simultaneously).

: Question: Is there a way to assign my one of my controllers to control
: the volume of the aux output? I can't seem to find a destination for
: the mod sources labeled "Aux output level"

: Help.

: Greg

I'm not quite sure how you're using the aux outs to send duplicate tracks to your drummer. It sounds like a small mixer would be a better solution. But if you don't have one, there is a way to control the volume of the aux outs. (As you've no doubt discovered, the volume control on the QS8 front panel has no effect on the aux outs.)

Actually, there are at least 2 ways to vary the volume of the aux outs.

1). Set a mod source to an unused slider, pedal, or whatever you want to use to control the volume. Set the mod destination to AMPLITUDE. Set the mod level to -99. Then set the sound level to 99. Now when your controller is set to 0, you get maximum sound out. When the controller is at full scale, you get no sound out. If you use one of the sliders for this, it works opposite of the volume control (i.e. as you move the slider up, the output decreases.)

2.) Set up like in #1, except set the mod destination to the amp envelope level (AENV AMP). Set the mod level to 99. Now go to the amp envelope and set the level (AENV LEVEL) to 0. If you use this technique, a slider will work in the same direction as the volume control (i.e. no output when the slider is down, full output when the slider is up.)

Remember that you must do this for each sound that goes to the aux outs.


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