Re: Can someone give me a simple explanation of what I need to do to sequence drums with the equipment I have?

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Posted by shawn on June 15, 1999 at 23:11:14:

In Reply to: Can someone give me a simple explanation of what I need to do to sequence drums with the equipment I have? posted by Foley on June 15, 1999 at 11:12:21:

: Hi, guys. I have a QS6.1, am planning on getting a serial cable for direct connection with my
: IBM PC (an Aptiva), I have the software programs that came with the keyboard (which one do I want
: to use, Unisyn?), and some MIDI cables for running the sequence back out of the keyboard into
: my VS-880 EX. Do I have everything I need? Will there be a problem with my computer recognizing
: the source (keyboard) from the serial cable? Do I need to get an expansion card to save sequences
: on? I figure I will hook up the keybard to the computer with the serial cable, then program a
: sequence with the software. Then, the computer will send the sequence back into the keyboard,
: which will simultainiously send it into my recorder (VS-880 EX) via MIDI cables. I have never done
: this before and want to make sure I have everything I need and am on the right track (bad pun!).
: Let me know if you see anything I have missed or have any tips for this sequencing beginner.
: Thank you very much in advance!

You are sorta on the right track.
First of all,you will need to use CUBASIS as the sequencer.The serial cable will work between the computer and the QS6.1.The midi cables going to the vs880 will only send Midi data.This is good for things like syncing the two together if you have tracks audio tracks recorded on the Vs880 and want them to play back in time with sequences material from Cubasis and the computer.Or the midi information may be system exclusive data sent via midi which can remote mix,change effects ,etc on the Vs880 while you record or playback.
It sounds like you are wanting to record your info once you have it sequenced.This is as easy as hitting play on the computer(cubasis)after you have your song complete,then running audio cables from your Qs6.1 to the vs880 on one of its tracks.
No audio will be transmitted thru the midi cable,it is only for data transfer.
As far as Unysin.It is an editor for changing and storing new sounds on the Qs6.1.
I hope this helps a little.
If not repost and I will try to help some more.

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