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Posted by Dave on June 23, 1999 at 12:06:16:

In Reply to: Sequencer + QS6.1 posted by Chad on June 22, 1999 at 23:27:47:

Get rid of the desktop sequencer and get a PC! (If you do just be sure to a relatively "mainline" sequencer such as Cakewalk or Qubase). In addition to getting the incredible flexibility that computer/software based sequencing offers, if you ever decide to start using a flash RAM card to store sequences, samples or mixes/programs you will need a PC and Alesis's Soundbridge software to load the card - I think that using Soundbridge is the only way to do this).

Your problem in getting the patch changes to work could be a couple of things:

1. The QS6.1 is in General Midi mode and will not respond to program/bank changes. If this is the case go into Global Edit and change the GEN MIDI to OFF.
2. The hardware based sequencer needs to be "Controller 0" to send program/bank changes. There are about 4 different methods used by different synths to trigger bank/patch changes.
3. The QS6.1 is set to ignore midi program changes - another setting in General Edit mode - check your manual.
4. You are not in User Mix 00 and therefore do not have appropriate midi channels activated.

Sequencing questions have been addressed a number of times in this forum - do a search and look at some of the older posts - most of the answers are there. There might also be something specific to your hardware sequencer that needs to be addressed - anyone out there familiar with this setup?

Good Luck.........Dave

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