Re: Arpeggiator on QS6.1 (or how do I make it sound like Duran Duran?)

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Posted by shawn on June 28, 1999 at 23:42:42:

In Reply to: Arpeggiator on QS6.1 (or how do I make it sound like Duran Duran?) posted by Ryan on June 28, 1999 at 11:47:53:

: With all the 80's resurgence going on, I'm hoping somebody can help me with this.

: I'm new to the synth world, and I've spent two straight days mucking around with the tracking generator and such to try to create a sound similar to what Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran used on either Hungry Like the Wolf, or Rio, (or just about damn near any Duran Duran song...) where the synth is arpeggiating a 16th note pattern.

: If anyone has done this already, and has a patch, I'd love to see what you've done to make it happen. If anyone can offer any tips on making the thing arpeggiate better (trust me, anything is better than what I can do with it right now...) I'd like to hear from you.

: Thanks for any help.

: Ryan

Nick Rhodes used a Roland Jupiter-8 to do most of those early arpeggios.The Jupiter-8 used either up,down,up and down,or random arpeggios over the four octave keyboard. You are gonna be hard pressed to get this kind of sound from the QS series until they add an arpeggio. You may want to look into a device called The Cyclone made by OBERHEIM. It does multi-timbral arpeggios like you are looking for and is a stand alone device.It costs about $149 through catalogs like Musicians Friend or American Musical Supply. You may also look at Harmony central and go to the midi files page.Once there you will be able to download Hungry like the Wolf and Rio and see exactly how he plays the notes across the keys.

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