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Posted by Ryan on June 30, 1999 at 00:15:04:


I'm trying to update my FlashRAM card with my samples to include program data (patches and mixes...)

When I'm in soundbridge, I can import waves into the sample banks, I can import MIDI files into the sequence bank, but I can't import a damn sysex file into the program bank.

I click the add files button, choose SYSEX FILES (*.syx), and then click on the file. HOWEVER, the ADD button never lights up, so I can't actually import it.

I checked the info on the site here, and it said to make sure the sysex file is in the soundbridge directory. It is. Now what?

Oh yeah... And if I save the patch data out of the SoundDriver program as a .smf file, it lets me import that, but it thinks it's a sequence...

Any help is much appreciated.



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