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Posted by JG on July 21, 1999 at 06:01:54:

In Reply to: cakewalk pro problem qs6 posted by Jan Edman on July 11, 1999 at 12:54:56:

: How do you do, how do i do?
: How to change courus,reverb and more in cakewalk?
: i can only change volym and panning.
: I had a yamaha csx1 before and with that it was no problem.
: I have very little help from the manual its difficoult
: to understand .
: I am from Sweden and all that not my language i the manual.

As near as I can understand, you have to use a "system exclusive" message to change chorus/reverb levels in a Mix.
In my opinion, this is very clumsy, because you have to know hex numbers or have a conversion chart handy (but of
course, people who design these instruments know hex in their heads, right? :)

I suppose the advantage is that sysex is very powerful, even editing patches while the tune is playing, etc. (if you
have a nice open space in your song!).

Anyway, Jan.. I recommend you check out the "Sysex" feature in Cake, learn how to set up the Banks, etc. There is
a listing of the EFX level sysex numbers in the FAQ section of this site, so you can change the reverb & chorus.

(I recently obtained a Roland JV-1080 to go with the QS.. it has reverb/chorus levels on control 91/93!)

best regards,

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