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Posted by Chad F on July 27, 1999 at 00:26:27:

In Reply to: multi-track recording help posted by jeff bleeke on July 26, 1999 at 21:18:37:

Not sure how basic you want it, but first, you realize your QS won't "create a basic midi file", right? It's just a synth. Your QS can be used, along with your (or the Alesis provided) sequencer software to create a MIDI file.
Since you say you've recorded your first track, I assume you got that all correct. From there, it's a matter of understanding your seqencer software (Performer 5.0, you say?) to be able to record on one track while you play back another.
Now, if the problem is not a sequencer one, it may be in getting the QS to play from the midi in and generate midi out at the same time. There are several ways to do this, so I'm gonna tell you how I did it. Not to say it's the best, and others may give differing opinions, (I hope they do) but this worked for me.
I set up a mix in the QS such that the first 15 channels were controlled by my sequencer. The 16th, I used as the QS MIDI controller going back to the sequencer software. In other words, all recording from the QS was done via channel 16. Once I was happy with a track, I would change the channel via the sequencer SW to one of the other 15, and set the corrisponding program in the QS mix to be what I needed that channel to be.
So then, the sequencer was playing back through channels 1-15 while I played on the QS and it went back into the sequencer SW as channel 16, which was being recoreded by the sequencer. Is this making any sense, or am I rambling?
Remember to set MIDI through to off and Keyboard mode to CH SOLO so the QS only triggers one channel output. Use the PAGE keys to select channel 16. See page 114 of the manual for more info.

Hope something in here helps!


: i'm having trouble with the basics. i've been doing midi recording since the early 80's. i bought a QS8 and i feel like i ran into a stone wall. am i missing something or is it true that at no place in the reference manual does it outline a step by step process for creating a basic midi file. my old gear seemed so much more intuitive. i'm using performer 5.0 on a mac. having trouble seting the channel in performer. i can record my first track, but can't hear the instrument i'm playing as i record the next track.

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