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Posted by Laine Williams on July 27, 1999 at 16:55:15:

In Reply to: hung notes !!!! posted by Sean on July 25, 1999 at 20:33:51:

: Well it hasn't happened to me since I had my old juno but it's back again. I'm using Cakewalk Pro 8 and an Alesis QS8. It seems that I am randomly getting notes that hang way up above my ketboard range. They don't happen at the same place, nothing in the event list, and nothing on my staff. Between this and the ghostly, untimely patch changes (which I fixed by turning off my sysex rcv on the QS8) all my creative flow is being damed up by these damn stuck notes !!! Any ideas?? Thanks !!

Check pedal jacks hookups.
Last night I got lots of hung notes when I played
with the volume pedal because it was plugged into
the sus pedal jack, and vice versa. As soon as
I increased volume, any/all notes played would
hang on. I had to power cycle it on/off to clear
the jam, until I figured out it was wrong pedal
jack insertions. Switching them to correct jacks,
corrected the problem. I wasn't MIDIed to anything,
and Cakewalk (I too use Pro Audio 8) wasn't
involved in this scenario. Just a long shot
for you to check.

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