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Posted by Laine Williams on July 27, 1999 at 17:28:54:

In Reply to: Emulating a Rhodes w/ Wahwah posted by Andreas on June 21, 1999 at 05:38:31:

: Hi!
: I just bought a QS8, and one of the first things I tried was emulating a Rhodes piano with a wahwah on the pedal controller. However, to me it seemed that the filter didn't even come close to emulate a real Wahwah.
: Has anyone tried that, too? Is there by any chance a good Rhodes w/ Wahwah patch?
: Thanks for any help!

In general wah-wah pedals & boxes are
BAND-PASS filters (which are relatively rare
in synths both digital & analog),
NOT Low-Pass Filters (which virtually all
synths have). Also most BPF circuits and
patches often give user control over the
filter "Q" (for Quality) which is the peak
emphasis of the pass band at the variable
cut-off frequency. However, only few real
wah-wah pedals (past & current) provide that
control in the advanced models. They are on
the market however (& seen in my local music

Since I've only had my QS a short while, I can't
recall off hand if it hass parameters for
a HPF &/OR BPF as well as the ubiquitious LPF.
If it does, than program the BPF cut-off freq
under pedal control (or any controller you choose).
If no BPF, but it does have both HPF & LPF, then
those 2 filters combined at a common cut-off freq
comprise a Band Pass Filter (BPF).

Nostalgia: I think I recall that maybe the old
Rhodes Chroma analog synth implemented a BPF as
a LPF + HPF combo.

Short of all that, never expect a swept LPF patch
to sound anything like a wah-wah effect.
But it is useful in it's own right.

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