help with the qs6.1 synth

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Posted by alcide on August 05, 1999 at 14:42:31:

Hi I'm curious about a thing and two, see I've tried doing stuff with the rhytm programs,
but i can't really do much since i don't have a clue about what bpm the rhytm programs
are running in. Anyone know the exact bpm number? I've also had some problems with
choosing banks in cakewalk, I've downloaded the file with all instrument settings which
allows me to see the name of the instrument and change it, but for some reason that doesn't
work with the banks. The instrument settings I'm using now is the qs7 with the orchestra plus
q-card, but there we have another problem I have a qs 6.1 with an old orchestra card, so not all
instrument names are correct, is it just because of the fact that I'm using the qs7 setup it's not
working?, cause I've downloaded midi files that are able to change banks. They however had
bank names like 220 and 550 and so on. Are there an instrument settings file for the qs6.1 or
do i have to make one and how do you put the send sysex thing in the songs. Cause I've seen
that alot of songs has an empty space in the beginning where the song send midi information
to the synth... any help appreciated!


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