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Posted by Larry Kehl on August 07, 1999 at 18:07:13:

In Reply to: 2 Q-cards and Cakewalk problem posted by Craig Ramseur on August 07, 1999 at 14:20:24:

The easiest way is go over to the software section of this QuadraSynth forum and download the CW instrument files for the QS7, 8, and R with the 8 expando banks (512 ram card) and also the Vintage Synth .ins file (although it sounds like you already did this?).

Now in the Cakewalk menu select "Settings", then "instruments", then "define."

Next import both downloaded instrument files (you are correct - it will create two instruments for QSR but... continue)

In this "Define instruments" window there are two columns - the left-hand column is the instrument list the right-hand column is the patch names, note names, etc. listing.

Since the Vintage Synth Qcard is in the first slot you will want to add banks to this "QSR" instrument definition.

Simply select banks IN THE RIGHT HAND COLUMN under "Patch names" list and drag/drop them to the LEFT HAND COLUMN "Patch names for banks" under the QSR instrument created with the Vintage Synth card. Please note, you will have to expand the lists to be able to drag & drop.

MAKE SURE YOU GIVE THE DRAGGED AND DROPPED BANKS THE CORRECT bank number and that they are in the order listed on the 512 Ram card (i.e., keyboards, guitars, orchestral, synths, atmosphere, techno, drums, rhythm).

Since you have the VS card first then it is bank 5. Actually it is the sixth bank but bank numbering starts at 0 (zero0 and the first five banks are the internal QSR banks. Now the 512 Ram card bank "keyboards" would be bank number 6 (for CW use) and the last 512 Ram card bank "rhythm" would be bank number 13.

hope this helps.

: I have a QSR with the Vintage Synths card in Slot A and an Alesis 512 Ram card in Slot B. I followed the process for having the vintage synth card show up as a bank CW ProAudio 8 under the QSR definition, but when I tried the same thing with the 512 Ram card, CW tries to set it up as another QSR, not as additional banks.

: Is there a workaround/solution so that CWPro Audio will show all of the Card banks as banks?

: Thanks!

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