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Posted by shawn on August 15, 1999 at 17:11:43:

In Reply to: How do the Pro's do it? posted by Chris on August 15, 1999 at 02:06:00:

: Hello,

: I see that many synths (pratically all of them) have a "Mix" mode like the QS. Since in Mix mode you can only have one effect, how do the pro's (like Depeche Mode and Erasure) record their stuff. Since the actual program will sound the way you want in program mode, do you just record each midi track in digital audio? I still don't know why each program can't keep it's original effect in Mix mode. Even though there is only one processor, can't the 16 programs go in all at once (to the effect processor) and choose their own effect patch. To have a multi mode is useless then since the sounds won't sound like you want them to. So how do the pro's do it? Thanks peeps!

Bands like Erasure and Depeche Mode do indeed use many different synths in any given song. Most of the older gear they use(especially Vince Clark)is actually analog.These old synths had little or no effects.So they have to record them onto different tracks and then add effects later.
But this doesn't really help you probably.
What you can do is:
Get into the QS and do some editing.You can make mixes that send only the sounds you want through the effects proccessor and send the rest out dry.
Or if you only have enough room for the stereo out in your mix,just go into the sounds and turn off the effects on the cannels you want dry.You can also get into the effects parameters in the Program mode and change the effects to the settings you want.Then once you are back in Mix mode you can assign the sounds to each of the four busses of the effects sends that you want.This will basically give you four separate effects to choose from.You have to set the effect to the sound that you create the effect for and then you will be able to assign the other channels to the four effects you want.

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