Re: help on QS8 multitimbral mode?

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Posted by scott on August 23, 1999 at 12:25:15:

In Reply to: help on QS8 multitimbral mode? posted by Stephanie on August 23, 1999 at 02:57:43:

: Heys,

: I've been a QS4+ owner for 4 years, and when I decided to dump my "toy" keyboard I naturally went for a QS8.

: Mostly I want to use it as a controller and set that up just fine. For my current project, though, I'd like to use some of the onboard sounds in conjunction with Cubase as my sequencer.

: Great, I thought -- it should be just like the QS4+. Well, ok, not *quite*, but they work the same way sort of in general, right?

: Um. Actually after almost a full day, I still haven't managed to get things working properly.

: Here's what I set:

: Global:
: Keyboard mode: OUT-1
: General MIDI: OFF

: Mix:
: Set it on User 00 (Multitimbral)

: In the sequencer:
: Set up a short MIDI file containing:
: Control change 0 (bank select) and bank 1
: Program change 108 (which actually means 107)
: A bunch of test notes

: So what happens? Well, the QS8 ends up playing the notes, but using program 107 in the GM bank instead of Bank 1! Grrrr!

: Any ideas for making this work properly? What am I missing? I'd be glad to provide the other settings if I've missed mentioning something relevant.

: Thanks!!

: -Stephanie
: who has come to appreciate the simpler user interface on her E6400, heh :)

My guess is that Cubase is not configured to send to the QS properly. All of the synth settings seems correct. Check how Cubase is sending controller messages.

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