Use of SoundBridge with Alesis QS8, and a few other questions from a novice. Thanks...

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Posted by Peter Cumming on August 23, 1999 at 21:36:01:

SoundBridge, use with Alesis, SDRAM and Flash Cards,
help needed please??

Sorry to bother you all, I have a thick head on this.

I have 2 question I cannot get straight. I know people have
tried to help me before, so no potshots please. Those that
replied before need not do so again obviously.

I appreciate any detailed response or if I even need to call you
and have you walk me through it I would do that. I also, in
return would offer the product I have below (see link) free to
you-if you want.

Have PC, have SoundBridge, Have FreeLoader, Have Alesis
QS8, have 8mb Flash Ram and have 512k SDRAM cards.

1. How could I use the 8MB Flash Ram cards? Someone said
I have to use SoundBridge.. What can I store on there in
terms of file types.
How would I call them up?

Why would people use this?

Perhaps an example would be good. For instance I have a
WAV file that I want to loop over and over again and play
along with it. It is a tutorial per se.
How could I do this?

Are their problems with volume of the WAV versus the Alesis
then-one louder than the other?

If you downloaded a MID file, and played it, could you play
along with it as well?
WOuld it take on the characteristics of the sounds you
selected on the Alesis or could it access other sounds if you
were to change presets and such?

I get confused in all this and how to do it... Sorry...

What is best use of 8mb card?


Have 2 SDRAM cards, what is best use for these? To load
backup of user bank.

To load samples I find on the web and load them to Alesis via

What other uses???

Thanks for any help!!


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