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Posted by Greg Jones on September 10, 1999 at 08:53:28:

In Reply to: Re: Digital output of QS8 posted by Guy on September 09, 1999 at 18:05:42:

Yuk! I didn't know I could only use a card that had
an ADAT lightpipe input. I thought regular digital
inputs would suffice.

So what are some of the other cards out there with
Lightpipe inputs?

What are the features of the MOTU 2408?

I'm looking for a card that has 24-bit A/D conversion,
that is a full duplex card with multiple stereo
inputs and outputs.

: If u want to record the Qs to your computer u need a soundcard that has an ADAT Lightpipe input.
: I personally have the MOTU 2408, and it works great: digital out, via optical cable, from the Qs8 to the computer, then straight to CD, DDD all the way!!
: I think the Korg 1212 also has an ADAT Lightpipe input. There r several cards that u can check out.
: Good luck,
: Guy

: : I have a question regarding the digital output of the QS8.

: : I'd like to be able to line out of the QS8's digital output to my
: : computer's soundcard for computer based recording.

: : The QS8 manual says that the digital output is designed to be used with
: : an ADAT. If I don't want to use an ADAT, it says that I can interface
: : the digital output with an AI-1. I only found an AI-3 on Alesis's website,
: : and it is designed to convert a signal from digital to analog, or vice versa.

: : Here's the text taken straight from the manual:

: : The QS can output digital audio directly into an Alesis ADAT or ADAT-compatible
: : multitrack digital recorder via fiber optic cable. The digital connector follows
: : a proprietary Alesis format that carries all four audio outputs of the QS (Main
: : and Aux, Left and Right) on a single fiber optic cable. Either pair of outputs
: : can be converted into standard AES/EBU or S/PDIF stereo digital audio format by
: : using the Alesis AI-1 interface.
: :
: : What is S/PDIF?

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