Re: How sample sound like a voice and load into QS8?

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Posted by Les on September 10, 1999 at 12:29:21:

In Reply to: How sample sound like a voice and load into QS8? posted by Peter Cumming on September 10, 1999 at 09:05:02:

You can sample your voice, and play it back on the QS8
It will be a bit more complicated, than the Casio but better quality.
You will need a good microphone, a computer with a soundcard and
sound editing software, to record and edit the sample.
I would strongly recommend recording more than one sample,
it will sound more realistic if you can assign different samples for
different keyboard zones. If you use only one sample, it will sound ok
in an octave range, but it will get funny when you play much lower or higher notes.
Once you recorded the sound(s), you'll have to use a sound editor program.
to manipulate the sound, make it better or worse, and most importantly set
the loop points. When you're done, save the sound, and go to the next step,
transferring the samples to the QS. You already have SoundBridge, so all you
need is a Flash RAM or SRAM card for the QS to store the samples.
After you transferred the sounds to the card in the QS, you can start
programming new patches, using the new voices. In this stage you can
assign your samples to different keyboard zones, add some effects, and
do other editing. Don't forget to save the new patches.
That's all, no big deal if you're willing to spend some time experimenting.


: I noticed that the Casio keyboards have a nice little
: sampler, where you can record your voice and it will
: be sampled among all the keys.

: Therefore when you press middle C it plays the
: sound (wav), and if you play C above C,it sounds
: higher.

: Is there a way to do this with the QS8 somehow.
: If so how (in some small detail).

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