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Posted by sav on September 14, 1999 at 02:00:25:

In Reply to: Re: how to fix a weak and jumpy QS display posted by Woody on September 10, 1999 at 23:46:15:

thanks, tried to be thorough.

as far as replacing individual keys, i can't really say i have an opinion about how hard that would be. i didn't really take a good look at the key action assembly in mine, since it wasn't broken. in any case, if you're feeling brave, i'd open yours up, and take a look around. maybe go ahead and order a new key(s) from Alesis, and
try to install it yourself. if it turns out to be too tricky, you can always close the thing back up, and send them the key along with it, it no?

i've seen other Q's here about replacing the battery in a QS. there is indeed a watch battery of some kind on the motherboard, about the size of a U.S. nickel and fairly accessible to change. i have no idea what the battery is (can't see any #'s on it because of the contacts holding it in), nor do i know if the program memory in a QS will disappear if one takes it out.
i would *think*, that if you kept the power on, took out the battery, jumped in your car and quickly bought a new one, and replaced. once again, i am not that brave, nor is that a problem yet for me. if anyone else has changed a battery, let us all know!

: Nice tips, since you've had the cover off and seem to know the insides of these things, I've got a QS6, and i assume the key actions are relatively the same, I've got a chipped key and want to replace it, tears the crud out of my middle finger on a good fast honky tonk tune. But does this look like an easy task or do i need to just let it be and maybe use some liquid plastic to fix it back up??

: Thanks

: Woody

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