Re: Sysex dump via MPU401 port not working

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Posted by Rob Hofer on September 16, 1999 at 05:01:20:

In Reply to: Re: Sysex dump via MPU401 port not working posted by woody on September 15, 1999 at 23:30:27:

I tried to get the serial 38.4k connection working tonight but that didn't fly either. I tried both the Alesis 3.04 driver and a Roland serial driver.
Both cases it said it couldn't detect the QSR. I checked the cable out too, it's fine. Thanks for the suggestions.

: I had some trouble on my old Yamaha card with the sysex stuff and my qs6, the card kept adding or removing data from the dumps, I ended up just using the serial cable for that, it works better anyway with most of the software.

: my 2 cents for you to ponder.

: Woody

: : MPU401 MIDI gurus,

: : I have a Roland MPU-401 ISA card on my computer (about 1990) and a Kawai KC-20 keyboard and an
: : Alesis QSR. I've used MIDI for many years but until I got the QSR, I have had no need to mess with
: : Sysex dumps (the keyboard and my old CM-32L being ROM based, no RAM banks). I am trying to dump
: : the QSR banks (prog, mix, global, etc) via MIDI through the MPU401. It doesn't work. I've tried Freeloaded,
: : Cubasis, Studio 4 and Unisyn, and none of them receive sysex midi data, even when i force
: : the QSR to dump the data (and I hooked an osc. to the MIDI out and the sysex is getting to the MPU401
: : MIDI IN jack). I can record everything coming from my keyboard inside the sequencer, through the same
: : MIDI IN jack, but even a sysex from my keyboard is not being recorded, so I know it's not specifically a
: : QSR problem. When I use Unisyn and tell it to download a bank, the QSR _does_ respond, and says
: : outputting MIDI data. But from the Unisyn side, it says the QSR is not responding. I can send sysex
: : message through the MIDI OUT on the 401 to the QSR, but not vice versa. I haven't tried to hook it
: : up via serial port, but I've heard I'll have better luck with the MPU401 port anyway. If anyone knows
: : what problem I'm running into or have any ideas on what to try next, I'd appreciate it.

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