Fun with QS-8 and serial cables

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Posted by John Gilreath on October 09, 1999 at 15:24:56:

I know the forum is filled with info on this topic, but I can't seem to match up my particular situation. I have hooked up a QS8 to my computer's serial port using a Hosa DBK-110 and a 9-to-25 pin adapter. The driver (v3.04) is installed and set to use COM 2. When I press "Test I/O" to see if it responds, (yes, I did change Global Edit I/O to PC 38.4K beforehand), sometimes I will get "QS8 Ver 01.02", and sometimes I will get "not detected, using default speed", and my QS8 I/O will change to 31.25K. I have a 8250 type UART on this port (my PC's five years old). As a road test, I used FreeLoader to just dump a sysex bank to the QS8, and it's about half the speed as just sending it via MIDI. This doesn't seem the desired result, so am I doing anything funky? Any input would be appreciated.


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