Re: D-50 type horns!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Bob on October 15, 1999 at 20:22:11:

In Reply to: D-50 type horns!!!!!!!!!! posted by Kevin Robinson on October 04, 1999 at 10:57:34:

: I am a big fan of John P. Kee (Gospel musician). I know that John P. Kee uses lots of
: Roland equipment for his music. You can hear those strong synthy horns on his cuts
: such as "Jesus Is Real", "I'll Never Forget", "We walk by faith", etc...

: I am currently using the D-50 to play these songs at church. But the D-50 is not an all around
: keyboard. And I would like to take my Alesis QS7 to church to play and use it only.
: That way I do not have to carry lots of equipment. So, any programming tips would
: be appreciated. By the way, if it helps, I do have the following Q-Cards:
: Vintage Keyboards, Vintage Synthesizers, and Sanctuary.

: Do you have any suggestions on how to program the QS7 to get those cutting horns and synth
: sounds. I would greatly appreciate it and you would not only be helping me, but it would be
: nice to have the Gospel community recognize that Roland and Kurzweil instruments are not
: the only choices for black Gospel music. I certainly believe that the Alesis QS7 is by the
: far the best on the market.

: Thanks in advance.

: Kevin Robinson
Kevin, or is it KR? Try finding a preset that is close to what you want. Maybe Stab Brass, or OB Brass for example. Then go into edit mode.Start with one of the four voice assign selections and change the samples till you get even closer. Then do the next voice and so on.When your as close as you can get here, move through the edit pages and tweak EG's,attack,decay etc.Do this in the Amp,Pitch,and filter envelopes until you are satisfied.Next is the cream.Try some effects like a light chorus through a plate reverb for example.This process may be time consuming but half the fun is getting there, right? The fruit will be worth it. And speaking of fruit,"This site sucks",does not bless anyone, brother.Happy programming!

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