That Mix Channel asterisk..

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Posted by JG on October 26, 1999 at 14:45:06:

Getting the hang of this QS7 (I think!).. Now, I know what the asterisk means in the main Mix page (i.e.
if you changed anything, you better hit Store a couple times if you want to keep it).

However, that darn little asterisk sometimes appears in a Channel page in place of the colon (CHn: to
CHn*).. It seems to come and go according to whether I've messed with the Effects, but I'm having trouble
pinning down just what I'm doing to make it appear/disappear. Nearest info I seem to find on this is
on page 90 of the manua (Storing Effects), but it only talks about the asterisk in Program mode, having
to do with whether the Effects are changed or not.

Is the asterisk related to this in a Mix Channel also?
TIA, john

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