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Posted by andy on October 28, 1999 at 10:28:26:

In Reply to: Re: QSx ADAT outputs posted by sam on October 27, 1999 at 18:50:46:

i'm sure you are right about the toslink. it makes sense.

i assume that all the 'adat-like' stuff you describe had the adat logo on it somewhere or said something like 'adat spoken here'. i'm pretty impressed that someone has actually used some of this stuff.. as i said, i got a lot of quizical looks from the folks who i *thought* knew that adat world. i guess it is curiosity more than anything, i have nothing to plug the qs into, but i could easily see a studio situation where if i know how to do the lightpipe thing it could be really cool to use. i'll reread my manual about clocking, etc.

thanks for your insight. ....andy

: I think toslink is just the physical layer, just like you don't know if an RCA jack carries line-level audio or digital sp/dif or whatever.

: I've hooked the QS8 via optical to 'adat-like' stuff (audio card, digital mixer), it works fine if you have the gear properly clocked from a single source (ie the QS sends its clock on the lightpipe, but it can only recieve clock via BNC connecter, and the spec-d resistance on that coax cable is different than say coax network cable). Depending on the gear, you may have to futz with who is the master clock and who slaves, but it's easy enough to get it working and of course it sounds immaculate (or slightly better than very good analog cables, assuming you have no interference)

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