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Posted by Bill on November 12, 1999 at 13:53:40:

In Reply to: Pitch Wheel and MIDI IN on QS8 posted by courtney crawford on October 31, 1999 at 03:47:31:

1 - It can't be the musician making the mistake!

2 - I've successfully recorded & played back pitch wheel data using Cakewalk 6.01 without changing any settings in Cakewalk or the QS. When you say your QS is not responding "properly", do you mean it's not responding at all or not how you'd like? You can program the QS to respond differently to pitch wheel data in terms of how much the pitch changes from no wheel movement to maximum wheel movement. I'm at work and unfortunately my job doesn't involve my QS and so I don't have it here, but as I recall, you can program each channel in mix mode to respond differently. By default, the range seems to be plus/minus a semi-tone for most programs. It can be modified to be plus/minus a full octave. Anyway, that's one possibility if the QS is responding, but not how you intend. It's in the manual.

Another possibility I can think of is that the pitch wheel data is being sent via Cakewalk on a different MIDI channel than you've got the QS program set to receive on. For example, if your program is set for MIDI Channel 2 and the pitch wheel data is sent out on MIDI Channel 1, the QS won't respond how you want. You can assign pitch wheel data several ways in Cakewalk. You also have to be sure the pitch wheel data is associated with the correct track in Cakewalk, because Cakewalk "forces" all data on a given track through the MIDI channel to which that track is assigned (regardless of what the event list editor might say). If the Cakewalk track is not assigned to a specific MIDI channel, then the data (all data) from the track will go on whatever MIDI channel the event list editor shows it to be on. Couldn't be simpler...

A third option comes to mind. It could be - I don't recall for sure - that in Global Edit mode, there is a parameter that lets you turn controllers and/or pitch wheel on and off. The manual will cover that issue.

If none of the above is useful, then I'm at a loss.

: I have a QS8 which I am currenly using for MIDI recording, using Cakewalk Pro Audio 7 as my sequencing software. I want to record using the pitch wheel, and have enabled the option within Cakewalk to record wheel data. I can see in the event list that wheel data is being recorded, however when I play back, the QS8 is not responding properly to the wheel data.

: Tricky problem to debug. I have no idea if it is the Cakewalk or the keyboard (or the musician) screwing up. Have you seen or heard this problem before? Is the QS8 enabled to respond to pitch wheel data sent on the MIDI input, or is this yet another bug in Cakewalk, or is this user error?

: Thanks for any help you can offer.

: Courtney Crawford
: QS8 software v 1.02 (Sept. 12, 1996)

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