Alesis QS8 newbie-How do I download a file to play along with and hear thru headphones?

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Posted by Peter Cumming on November 26, 1999 at 15:31:00:

Alesis QS8 newbie-How do I download a file to play along with?

I have an ALesis QS8 and a PC and the necessary programs such as
FreeLoader and SoundBridge. Never used them really but looked at them.

Instead of trying to figure this out after countless hours, perhaps
someone could be kind enough to email me with an a simple step by step

Present situation" I have a sound file I want to play along with in
order to learn. I recorded this (original WAV file, I could get it into
MIDI but it is a pain and pretty inaccurate as we know) melody from my
PC/CD on to the cassette about 30 times.

I then take the cassette player (has speakers) and put it on top of the
Alesis, and play the cassette.

I am wearing headphones and then play along with it as a teaching aid to

The sound from the Alesis goes thru the Headphone jack of the Alesis.
The cassette sound comes from the speaker on the cassette player.

GOAL in order of preference:

1. Somehow transfer the sound WAV or MID to the Alesis and have it
automatically play so I can hear it in my headphones..... Perhaps have a
key trigger it if possible. If not, no problem.
Have this melody either looped or I can just create a large file where I
looped it myself....

2. Just take the Cassette Player and connect it to the Alesis Headphones
with a Y Adapter so I can hear both Alesis and Cassette.
ALternative to this is to buy a small mixer or something.

3. I do not know...

I would need instructions on how to do #1 above. I think it is possible
but how....?? Thank you very much for some instruction....

Thanks for a direct email reply and a posting.

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