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Posted by Paul W on December 10, 1999 at 06:27:59:

In Reply to: Re: Inferiority of GM sounds posted by Nigel Ridpath on December 09, 1999 at 08:44:37:

The general midi bank is primarily for GM sequences. Each voice is set up to take up the least possible amount of voice occilators, i.e. piano voices will use only one or two 'voices'or layers instead of four. So one of the reasons is to accommodate higher requirements on polyphony. Hope this helps. Actually, you can set up your own GM bank on a sram card (but of course the bank won't automatically turn on w/GM bank command).

: GM is a standard set of sounds, implemented on most synths in the last 5 plus years. Because they are a standard set, most manufacturers feel that they need to include it but (in my humble opinion), don't spend much time on creating really good versions. I mean, if you were Alesis, would you use your best Grand Piano sound as patch 001 in the GM bank, or would you put it in your proprietary sounds? I also have a theory that with limited ROM inside these boxes, the manufacturer (quite rightly), wants to devote as much of it as possible to new, unique sounds. This might account for weak sounding GM sets.

: I have 2 synths - a Yamaha CS1X (which has XG (a kind of enhanced GM) as well as GM) and a QSR. Personally I find the GM bank in the Yamaha better than the Alesis one. I feel that the Alesis set is a bit too subdued.

: On the Alesis, you will find better corollory sounds in the Preset and User banks. To conclude, compare the GM sax sound with 'Breathy Sax'. I rest my case.

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