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Posted by Simon on December 21, 1999 at 11:11:50:

In Reply to: Re: loading sounds into Quadrasynth - any advice or help??? posted by Mike on December 16, 1999 at 14:11:27:

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: : Hi,

: : I'm finally sequencing using a PC now instead of my old Atari. I own an old quadrasynth, have never taken the time to load new sounds.
: : I remember that for the Korg M1 there was an editor that allowed you to select a sound on the computer, the data was transferred to the synth and you could store it directly if you wanted.
: : As I don't want to particularly buy a sound card, which I would have to , as I understand from this site, to use sysex files, I was wondering if anyone knows of a similiar program for the PC? Or would someone have some advice for me? I really like my Alesis and I want to keep it...
: : Thanks in advance...

: : Simon

: Are you playing the sequences from your computer on your Quad?
: If so, you already have all the connections you need to load sysex data.
: If not, you're missing a big part of the power of computer sequencing,
: and for the $25 it would take to get a cheap, no-name sound card, and the $25 to get a cable,
: you can get a whole new world of fun, plus the ability to load Quad voices with sysex.

: Considering how expensive everything ESLE in in this hobby, this isn't bad :o)

: Mike

Hi Mike,

I am sequencing using the computer, midi interface is the Opcode 64...
What you said sounds good - do you know where I can get the software to load sysex files - will what I asked regarding loading new sounds (single sounds) work, or will it take some playing around to finally end up with a new bank with my favourites?

Thanks in advance for your reply...

Simon -
a Brit living in Germany...

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