Re: Setting up Qs6.1 to work with cakewalk

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Posted by Woody on December 21, 1999 at 23:18:20:

In Reply to: Setting up Qs6.1 to work with cakewalk posted by Beginner on December 21, 1999 at 21:50:05:

First check a few things, make sure the switch onthe back of the QS6 is set to MIDI not serial. make sure in global options it is set to MIDI and not on a baud rate for serial, and make sure al the channels under Tools/Instruments are stup to output, I think with the MIDI on a soundcard you use default, but not real sure about it. BUt first and fore-most, make sure the sound card you have is MIDI output capable, Try loading a MIDI into Cakewalk and play it, get it setup to playback before you try to record. Has to work one way prior to working the other. I have talked to a few friends who have SB cards of the newer variety that require you to add on a daughter board for the MIDI input/output capabilities. I have an AWE64 Gold and it is standard on it but I guess SB makes some that arent, not sure why though.

But a little tip if you have a free serial port, get the Serial cable. THings are a lot less hassle and seem to operate better on the serial port hookup, and its faster too.
Good Luck


: Hi.
: I just got a qs6.1 and I hooked it upwith computer using a midi cable that connect qs6.1 to computer sound(soundblaster live value).
: After connected all cables, I ran cakewalk and went into the place where you set your midi device. For input I picked SB midi in for input port and for output port I picked SB midi out. I think I didn't do anything wrong up to this point.
: Ok. now I played few notes with one of many piano sample while cakewalk is recording. After that I did playback, but nothing was recorded. What happended?
: Can somebody help me to slove this problem?

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