Observations on sys ex vs control changes

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Posted by Greg Jones on December 22, 1999 at 08:43:45:

I've noticed some differences between the way the same commands act
when implemented via System Ex and Controller commands.

For instance, it appears that if I send a volume control change to my
synth via System Exclusive, the synth display actually shows me
changing the volume in real time. If I send the Midi controlller
number 7 for volume changes out to perform the same function, the
synth display doesn't show these changes and more importantly, the
volume won't go beyond the max of the stored volume number for the
multi-timbral patch.

An example: If I've stored channel one on a multi patch on my synth
with a volume of 85. If I play a sequence on this multi patch,
without placing any volume control changes in the sequence, the
volume stays at 85 on the synth. If I add a midi control function to
change the volume, the number can only go below 85,never above. So,
if I max the volume controller at 127, the volume won't go beyond 85!
Yet if the stored value for channel 2 was 99 then 99 is the max.


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