Re: What is sysex messages in cakewalk and how do you use them?

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Posted by JG on December 25, 1999 at 10:31:28:

In Reply to: What is sysex messages in cakewalk and how do you use them? posted by Jane on December 22, 1999 at 19:45:22:

: What is sysex messages in cakewalk and how do you use them?
Sysex (system exclusive) is a very powerful way to reach into a given synth through the midi cable and manipulate just
about anything in there that can be changed. It means "exclusive to a specific brand and model", and every box made
has a special code assigned to it for this.

For example, I use Cake's sysex feature to store a QS7 Mix that I've configured for a given tune (within the midi file itself),
and have it automatically sent to the QS7 before the tune plays. Much easier than pushing all those synth buttons each
time I want to hear different tunes with their own Mixes, etc.

You can also use sysex's to change any old parameter you can think of (efx levels, patch settings, etc.).. the catch is
that you have to first do some homework in understanding how they work. Basically, they can be stored on your HD
with the filename extension ".syx".. and installed in your tune with the "Load Bank" button in Cake's sysex window.
The best way I've found to configure sysex's is to use an editor/librarian program along with Cake.
Get one.. they're cheap and not that hard to use once you get the hang of them.. (demos are available in the software
section of this site.. I use the one called "QControl").

Theoretically, you wouldn't have to use an ed/lib to do this.. just hit the "Receive" button in the sysex window to load,
say, a given Mix directly from the synth.. it doesn't seem to work on my setup though. But I now prefer to use the ed/lib
anyway.. it's useful for many other things (such as editing patches, storing stuff without having to buy a RAM card, etc.).

hope all that helps,

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