ALESIS Lies and deceives its customers!

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Posted by Michael on December 28, 1999 at 04:58:55:

I purchased my QS7 in late March. I did so after a lengthly conversation with an Alesis factory representative. During this conversation, knowing of the QS6.1's release, I asked him if the QS7/8 had a revision in the works because I liked the bigger display and especially the 6db hotter output. He said that there was no revision in the works for the forseeable future if ever. Also he said "The only reason the QS6.1 had a larger display was because Alesis had 40,000 of the displays and was just trying to get rid of them.
He told me these lies, while brand new QS7/8.1s were sitting on shelves. They now had the bigger display, hotter output, improved general midi soundset, new and improved cdrom.
Rather than offering a discount for the old model Alesis decided it would be better to "hold-out" on its customers(I've been an Alesis supporter for 10+ yrs).
If Alesis is going to TRICK me at the point of sale, what's next. They admitted to deliberately deceiving me and said they just wanted to move the "old" QS7/8 so they did not suffer any losses.
Well, what about my loses... The release of the .1's immediately dated devalued my QS7 even though it was brand new.
The shame is I love the QS, and it is really sad that Alesis would choose to alienate one of thier biggest and most loyal fans, but I will forever question Alesis' practices regarding this matter and will probably never buy another Alesis product.
Alesis' credibility is a major issue here. What other lies do they have in store for us?
Alesis' liturature indicates the QS7 is made in America, but mine was made in Taiwon.
If any March to May purchasers feel as screwed as I do LET Alesis know about it. -Michael

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