Sys Ex, Midi, sequence, for GM on and off, Program or mix mode

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Posted by John on January 01, 19100 at 20:37:51:

In Reply to: Sys Ex in Midi files for PCMCIA card sequence playing posted by Greg Jones on December 28, 1999 at 10:54:39:

After struggling for a month on this issue, I humbly post System Exclusive Messages for better control of Alesis QSR
when jumping between general MIDI sequences and modified sequences and programs.
I made one-bar "midi files" or system Exclusive templates containing one of the following SysEx strings.
I place these as required to simply place QSR in the proper mode for receiving bank data and the rest of the song.
These will export properly as GM files and work with QSR's around the globe or simply be ignored

SysEx string to go from program to Mix Mode

SysEx string to go from Mix to Program Mode

SysEx string for ALL midi devices to go into General MIDI mode (note: not QSR specific)

Specific SysEx for QSR to turn General Midi off (I found this by using the SysEx specifications for the QSR and dropping in variable bytes by trial and error and got somewhat lucky)

[The commas between bytes in all strings above are how Cubase "sequencer" prefers to handle hexadecimal entries (List Edit Mode)]

I have a question for the QSR folks with advanced SysEx experience: What string will specifically turn the QSR General Midi ON? I only have the all devices version above. I tried logical variations of F0,00,00,0E,0E,10,00,00,03,00,00,F7 and they didn't work. For instance going left to right, bytes 7 and 9 are the important ones here for accessing QSR global edit mode ("00" byte 7) and then page 3 ("03" byte 9). Bytes 10 and 11 had no effect whether they were "00" or "01". I had used "00"'s there original and at byte 8 as space fillers to ensure the QSR byte string equaled 12 bytes.

Finally, if you use Cubase, I would like to receive mixer maps for the QS synths (7,8 or R).
Best Regards
John (Full Circle Productions)

: I've created a sequence in Cubase with a Mixermap that executes
: system exclusive information. When I export this file to a midi file, it
: appears that the sys ex information is lost.

: How can I preserve sys ex information in exported midi files?

: I need to export the sequence as a midi file so that I can load the
: sequence to the pcmcia card of the QS8. Is there another way to
: load the sys ex information?

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