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Posted by Michael on January 02, 19100 at 04:55:46:

In Reply to: Re: Headphone Jack Monitors? posted by michael on January 02, 19100 at 04:37:05:

: : I've been trying to figure out a way to add some stage monitors cheaply to my QS 6.1 live setup.

: : Is there any reason not to use standard powered computer speakers connected to the headphone jack? It seems to work, albeit with distortion at higher volumes.

: Bill, any powered speaker will work for this, however, musical instruments and the dynamics of live playing are brutal to most speakers designed for recorded music(i.e. lp,tape, cds), as are live vocals. Even the pc type speakers with a sub are not likely to reproduce frequencies below 50-100hz, and even if they do, chances aer good that they would not do so at volume suitable for live playing.
: There are Powered musical instrument monitors that would be great for your needs, but be prepared to spend significant$.
: I would feel free to use pc powered monitors, but don't be suprised if you wear them out prematurely.
: Good Luck - Michael

Bill Parts Express(an electronics mail order supply) is currently selling a Soundworks powered pc system with sub and two small cubes that have received critical acclaim. System comes with a wired remote volume control, 12voltAC adapter, etc. Thier price is $69.50. Parts Express has an excellent reputation, warp speed service, tech staff and a very friendly nature. They can be reached at 1-800-338-0531 or at That catalog# for the Soundworks system is #299-505. This company also has an excellent selection of raw speaker drivers for home audio/hifi as well as a great selection of well known musical instrument/PA drivers. Good mailing list to be on.

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