how to split keyboard

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Posted by NeF on January 04, 19100 at 16:05:43:

In Reply to: Real Nubie... posted by Troy on December 27, 1999 at 01:39:12:

Hey there, so I am not the only one who find the instruction book to be SO hard to follow! I consider it a great
accomplishment (in light of the book) that I know how to split the keyboard. And, I work with computers. what gives!!
To me, the book is incredibly difficult to read.

How to split keyboard is found on page 44 and (so frustrating) is called "Setting the Range and MIDI switches". If ONLY
it was titled "how to split the keyboard" for use non-keyboard-lingo people.

You use the Range button (co-located on the 110 button) to set the bottom range and top range .. so picture the
bottom to be the very left side of the keyboard, and the top of that range to be Middle C. The right-hand side
of the keyboard starting with Middle C is now the next split range. Note that you are "Restricting MIDI channels" with
this. Now you can set the bottom range to a channel (like ch1) and the top to another (like Ch2).

I split my keyboard in this generic fashion and then saved it to a user bank. I chose #09. Now when I pick
Mix/User/09 I see it is my split of the keyboard. At any time I can assign different instruments to ch1 and ch2
and do a variation of the split.

Assigning a sound to each channel is done separately tho. To do this, look at pg 39. Ah ha! it is appropriately
titled "Program assign for each Midi Channel". It says you don't have to be in Mix mode, but I find that you do.
But even when you use to select the channel number, you can get into Program if one of the sounds comes
from the Program selections. Then get back into your saved mix (in my case Mix User 09) and see that ch1 and 2
are the sounds you want for the split.

Hope this helps.

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