Pipe organ sounds

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Posted by Mike Bankemper on January 05, 2000 at 21:57:37:

What I had hoped to be able to do when I bought the QSR and Sanctuary card is separate the individual sounds of a pipe organ (8' Principal, 4' Flute, 2' Octave, etc...), save each sound as a program, then use them individually or create my own Mixes with them. I saved the "Principale" and "Positiv" sounds in separate User Banks already, but I haven't found any already-separate 4' or 2' programs in either the module or the card. I've looked at the different other programs and mixes, but it seems that their effects change from the lower to higher notes on the keyboard. What I'm really looking for is the ability to create my own mixes from a group of basic pipe organ sounds, much as I do when sitting at a real pipe organ. The problem I have when i use the unedited pipe organ sounds on both the module and card is that they always sound muddy when playing standard hymns, due to the presence of the 16' sounds. Has anyone found a solution to this difficulty? Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated. :)

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