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Posted by John Gormley on January 06, 2000 at 21:11:09:

In Reply to: Re: Need help with sysex Bank changes posted by Tom on January 06, 2000 at 18:49:19:

I posted the following comments a few days ago as another reply. I re-post the sysex info I uncovered (I first recomending using them on test sequences and hoping back and forth through different modes, songs and banks)
I added another few lines indicated by the brackets [ ] that complement this, and the previous post. One more thing: this is a good web site. My compliment to our hosts.

" After struggling for a month on this issue, I humbly post System Exclusive Messages for better control of Alesis QSR
when jumping between general MIDI sequences and modified sequences and programs.
I made one-bar "midi files" or system Exclusive templates containing one of the following SysEx strings.
I place these as required to simply place QSR in the proper mode for receiving bank data and the rest of the song.
These will export properly as GM files and work with QSR's around the globe or simply be ignored

SysEx string to go from program to Mix Mode

SysEx string to go from Mix to Program Mode

SysEx string for ALL midi devices to go into General MIDI mode (note: not QSR specific)

Specific SysEx for QSR to turn General Midi off (I found this by using the SysEx specifications for the QSR and dropping in variable bytes by trial and error and got
somewhat lucky)

[The commas between bytes in all strings above are how Cubase "sequencer" prefers to handle hexadecimal entries (List Edit Mode)]

I have a question for the QSR folks with advanced SysEx experience: What string will specifically turn the QSR General Midi ON? I only have the all devices version
above. I tried logical variations of F0,00,00,0E,0E,10,00,00,03,00,00,F7 and they didn't work. For instance going left to right, bytes 7 and 9 are the important ones
here for accessing QSR global edit mode ("00" byte 7) and then page 3 ("03" byte 9). Bytes 10 and 11 had no effect whether they were "00" or "01". I had used
"00"'s there original and at byte 8 as space fillers to ensure the QSR byte string equaled 12 bytes.
[Real answer per unisynth is: F0,00,00,0E,0E,10,00,00,02,01,F7]
Finally, if you use Cubase, I would like to receive mixer maps for the QS synths (7,8 or R).
[I recommend UNISYNTH, Which is a great program that is deep, yet easy and fun to learn. I enjoys ripping new sounds while turning virtual pots, I still desire cubase maps, if they exist]
Best Regards
John (Full Circle Productions)

: : Please help
: : I'm looking for the "magic" sysex string to get the banks to change and have the LED screen relect this change.
: : For instance, I'm running sequences between GM mode (GM bank) and Multitimbral (USER bank) and want simple parts to switch on the fly from one bank to the other.
: : I have no problem switching in and out of GM mode using sysex commands, it's just the bank thing thats driving me to the brink of insanity.
: : I use Unisyn and have recorded strings that appear to change banks in the "background", but it still occassionally yields poor results depending on which bank and set of programs were in the mix.
: : My program is cubase.
: What a small world! I came here today looking for this exact same answer. I read in the book "The MIDI Files" that continous controllers 0 and 32 are used for the feature. I just can't figure out how to get it to work.
: My goal is to have the bank and program/patch information stored in the midi file so when I play it all the tracks are set up. I posted the same request in an Alesis mailing list. If I get the answer I'll post it here.

: Tom

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