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Posted by Tom on January 07, 2000 at 16:10:35:

In Reply to: Need help with sysex Bank changes posted by John G on January 06, 2000 at 00:17:28:

Here are the steps using Cubase and a QS7:

1. Create a 1 measure part on track 1.
2. Highlight the part and press ctrl-g to open the list editor.
3. Select insert Control Change from the pull down selection box.
4. Right click over the area of the screen that looks like graph paper and select the pencil tool.
5. Click at the point in time you want this event to execute.
6. Click on Val 2 to select your bank. 0 gives you a bank, 1 gives you the next bank, 4 as I recall gives you the bank from an expansion card. You will need to play with this to see which number gives you certain banks.

To change programs on a selected bank:
1. Follow the steps above but select Program Change from the pull down selection box.
2. Click after the Bank Select line. You must select the bank first then the program.
3. Change Val 1 to be the program you want. 000 TrueStereo is entered as 1 under the Val 1 area.

To make this work you must turn off General Midi.
1. Follow the steps above but select Sys Ex from the menu. At the far rignt hand of the line under comments is the data F7. Replace it with F0,7E,7F,09,02,F7. In this line the 02 turns GM off. Replacing the 02 with 01 turns GM on.
This line must be before the bank select line to be sure GM is off.

I have a template .mid file with all this information already in place. Before I start a new sequence I Import it. Then I just update the banks and program numbers and I am ready to go. If you would like me to email it to you plese let me know.

Good luck!


: Please help
: I'm looking for the "magic" sysex string to get the banks to change and have the LED screen relect this change.
: For instance, I'm running sequences between GM mode (GM bank) and Multitimbral (USER bank) and want simple parts to switch on the fly from one bank to the other.
: I have no problem switching in and out of GM mode using sysex commands, it's just the bank thing thats driving me to the brink of insanity.
: I use Unisyn and have recorded strings that appear to change banks in the "background", but it still occassionally yields poor results depending on which bank and set of programs were in the mix.
: My program is cubase.

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