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Posted by CP on January 15, 2000 at 18:28:59:

In Reply to: Program vs mix posted by rhoyos on January 14, 2000 at 01:50:05:

If you want to have only one program in a mix it is easy to make it sound just the same.


1. Go to user bank and select the mix 65 with the name "ForwardBrs"
2. Press "MIDI CH" button and highlight channel 1.
3. With channel 1 enabled, select with bank and program number buttons (or the wheel if you have QSR) the program you want to put in the mix.
4. Press again "MIDI CH" button and highlight channel 2.
5. Press edit button and select with "CURSOR" button "Program Enable=Off".
5. Turn pages and give MIX a name.
6. Then Store the MIX.
7. Press again edit button and select a) in page "Effect Level=PROG"
and b) in page "Effect Bus=PROG".
8. Go to Function EFFECT and select a) in page "FX Program Change=Off and b) in page "FX MIDI Channel=1.

That's all.

But if you want to put more than one programs in a MIX (and use of course more than one channels) it is impossible for all the programs to sound the same in a MIX, as they sound as programs.
This happens because the MIX use the FX of only one channel. Lets say that you put in a MIX 4 programs (in 4 channels of course). The page "FX MIDI Channel" let you select only one number for the FX that the MIX will use. If you select 2, the programs in channel 1, 3 and 4 will use the FX of this channel and they will not sound as they sound as solo programs.

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