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Posted by Chris on January 20, 2000 at 08:09:09:

In Reply to: Want to convert AKAI instruments programs to QSR posted by Oliver on January 19, 2000 at 10:24:49:

First of all you need:

a. Awave from (it still support very well the valuable for QS users INS file)

b. CDxtract 3 from: (but wait till 24/01/2000 the release of final version 3).

c. I suppose that you have at least one Flash card.
(about cards read my card guide at


1. Put your AKAI or ROLAND cd in CD-ROM.
2. Convert with CDxtract3 into *.SF2 any sounds that you like.
3. Open these *.SF2 files with Awave and then save them as "INS Sample Cell / II PC instrument".

For Kurzweil sounds do this:
1. Go and download any of these free *.krz files at

2. Open these *.krz files with Awave and then save them as "INS Sample Cell / II PC instrument".

1. After you open the SF2 or KRZ files with Awave, you must see how many layers they have (press the (+) symbol right under instrument name. If you see "Layer1" only it is OK for save it as INS file. If you see also "Layer2" or even "Layer3" you have to select only one Layer for conversion cause INS files understand only one Layer.
How to choose? Select each Layer, play your keyboard and audition it. So you can select the better one and delete the other layers.
2. The samples sometimes are big and the bigger Flash card load only 8MB. So if you have space problem resample the samples to make them smaller.
How to do this:
1. Open your SF2 or krz file with Awave
2. Look at left window "Rate" column
3. If samples rate is 44100 or 32000, press shift+down arrow to select all samples and then press Ctrl+A.
4. In the next window select the option "Convert all stereo waveforms to Mono waveforms" and the option "Resample all waveforms to" and select 22050 or even 11025.
5. Now your INS files will be much smaller.

Bye and if you need anything write

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