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Posted by Michael on January 22, 2000 at 03:37:34:

In Reply to: Re: Expression Pedal. For QS8 posted by Michael on January 22, 2000 at 03:22:47:

: : Looking for info on an Expression Pedal to purchase for my QS8. Any recomendations, favorites,
: : or such. Just not sure of which are compatible and also a good value for the dollar.

: : Thanks for any help. : )

: :
: All you really need here is a generic volume(midi) pedal. Most midi applications(controllers) have a range of 0-127, expression is one of these controllers and can be assigned in the contollers section of the QS(see manual). A 5k ohm potentiometer is ideal for the QS' pedal jacks. If you take a standard 1/4" instrument cable and attach a 5k ohm pot between the leads of the opposite end of the cable, you will have a basic controller device for the QS. It is not difficult to mount the pot for use as an expession pedal, I have used an old sewing machine pedal's housing as the basis for one of these pedals. Total cost is about 5$. Buying a good pot will payoff with better, more linear control. Hope this helps -Michael
P.S. The QS senses what type of pedal you are using on turn on. If for instance you have a sustain pedal who's switch is normally open, the qs sees an open(providing you are not pressing the sustain pedal at turn on) and assumes that a closed switch indicates sustain on. Like wise, if you buy an expession pedal who's potentiometer is 5k ohms in its normal position, the QS will assume that lower ohm values mean an increase in expression midi values(i.e 5k ohms would send a 0 to the assigned midi controller and 0 ohms would send a midi value of 127 to the assigned controller. If you want to see this in action press your QS' sustain pedal down while you are turning on the QS, the sustain will be on unless you hold the pedal down because the QS assumed the pedal was not being held down when turned on.

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