Re: Repairing a QS8 after a fall

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Posted by michael on January 22, 2000 at 04:16:16:

In Reply to: Repairing a QS8 after a fall posted by Steve G on January 17, 2000 at 13:29:34:

: Anyone else experienced this scenario: Crowded stage, rushing to tear down equipment, bad grip,
: synth dropped on the floor...

: I dropped my QS8 yesterday--the power supply end of the synth hit the floor while I was still holding the
: other end. Everything about the keyboard appears to be working normally, but I've noticed that it does
: not feel as sturdy now. For example, while it is sitting on the stand, I can lift up one corner and the
: case will "twist" while the other 3 corners still sit on the stand. I'm guessing that an internal brace of
: some sort has come loose or broken. Here are my questions:

: 1) Has anyone experienced this problem? How did you remedy it?

: 2) Do you have knowledge of the internals of the QS8 and can surmize what has happened and how
: difficult it would be to fix?

: Although I'm reasonably proficient at tinkering with these sort of things, I'm not too anxious to tear
: open something that is still under warranty. If a warranty problem does arise, I don't want to have
: voided my warranty by opening the case. (Will that void an Alesis warranty?) This synth is moved
: a few times a week.

: Thanks in advance for your input!

: Steve G

Steve, I would tend to think that you would certainly void your warranty as is the case with most electronic equipment. I too am proficient at these sort of things, and this dilema presents itself to me all the time...I don't want to send something out to be repaired if I can do it myself in much less time. However, my concern with your situation is that there maybe loose metallic debis floating around inside your QS that could spell its ultimate demise if it comes in contact with something vital. Also the dropping of your keyboard may have voided your warranty anyway, so you would be risking nothing. I would call Alesis and explain your situation, they will probably offer you some solutions or give you a list of authorized repair sites that may exist in your area. If one of these places is like a local music store, they may help you for little$. Also talk with the folks that sold you the QS. Hope this helps -Michael

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