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Posted by John G on January 24, 2000 at 22:22:43:

In Reply to: Computer requirements for home recording posted by Dave on January 23, 2000 at 12:04:23:

: I goofed on my original E-Mail address so here's the question again: I'm recording multiple midi tracks on a Compaq PC with a 533mhz chip and 64k ram. Using Micrologic AV software included with my Alesis QS6.1. During playback of songs with several tracks, it seems as if there is a delay or skipping of some sort. Can anyone tell me how to correct this? Is it the chip, do I need more ram, or can I adjust some settings? Thanks

Your problem is common to newbies into DAW recording. Suggest finding Cubase web site and finding Dan Duskins recommendations for optimizing audio recording. It requires some detailed editing of Windows to optimize. For instance, I run up to twelve tracks audio w/ midi and a number of plug ins on a 150 pentium, 8- meg ram and a Layla card. I've spent hours tweaking my system to do this. It has saved me a lot of money because I've put off having to upgrade my entire system to still get dead locked audio performance. I used to get the zipper noise with only one or two tracks. Again refer to Dan Duskins article and don't trust everything. Make/write back-ups of everything to be adjusted and try one at a time. Reboot and do a system test. The main key is to maximize audio resources over video and set virtual memory, caches and avoid anything in virtual memory. Lastly, if you play or load computer games on your audio machine, your a fool. If you have to play games, I strongly suggest having partitions and having two "operating system". One for audio projects and another for general use. Good luck

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